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Cloud and Microsoft 365


Take advantage of cloud

Your company can’t afford to ignore the cloud. 停机时间不是一个选项,必须避免以满足业务需求, 而且,昂贵的现场ope体育app下载中文版器不再是运营一个成功组织所必需的. Cloud computing is here to stay, and now, it’s faster, cheaper, 中小型企业利用云技术比以往任何时候都要容易. ope体育客户端官方下载为客户提供最适合的解决方案,并经常建议客户选择微软Azure和Office 365等云计算方案.

Azure是一个云环境,可以托管具有定制规范和配置的虚拟ope体育app下载中文版器. Office 365只是一种基于云计算的ope体育app下载中文版,可以处理企业最关心的事情.

What is the difference between
Office Suites and Office 365?

购买办公套件是为了在一台计算机上使用而进行的一次性付款购买. Office suites include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, but do not give access to cloud storage, Office Online, or any Office 365 products. These applications are not updated automatically, 因此,当最新的Office版本可用时,公司必须重新购买.

Office 365 provides Exchange hosting, can replace file servers, enhances communication and collaboration, and comes with several cloud-based applications. Office 365 plans are paid for through an annual subscription. 每个许可证允许5个Office安装,以避免版本冲突. 这些计划让企业能够访问桌面版和网络版的Office应用程序, as well as cloud-based storage and services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. With Office 365, 公司总是会有最新版本的Office,定期更新新的功能和体验.

Generally, businesses are drawn to Office 365 for Exchange Online, 电子邮件解决方案,不需要公司托管自己的ope体育app下载中文版器. However, 例如,许多公司并不使用Office 365的其他应用程序来帮助他们的公司更智能地工作, SharePoint可以远程访问您公司的文件,并消除了对大量现场存储的需求. Skype for Business facilitates group communication and collaboration.

What are the benefits of
using Office 365?

Which Office 365 apps should
my company use?

Office 365订阅提供了对几个云应用程序和ope体育app下载中文版的访问,这些应用程序和ope体育app下载中文版可以提高生产率, ease communication, and encourage collaboration. Below are some key services that may be useful to your business.


With Office 365, 你的Office应用程序将始终是最新的,并且每个许可证最多可以安装在5个设备上.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online是微软电子邮件和日历应用程序的托管版. The service offers reliable email, better collaboration, and enhanced security over other webmail platforms.


SharePoint是一个基于云的存储和协作平台,功能类似于一个内部网站点, allowing users to create, store, and share information. SharePoint is quickly replacing the need for onsite file servers, 允许从任何地方访问文件,只要用户有互联网连接.


OneDrive是另一个云存储平台,用户可以在任何地方访问和共享文件. 可以将OneDrive视为员工的个人驱动器,它还允许员工与他人共享单独的文件和文件夹.


OneNote是一个笔记记录程序,用于个人或团体收集和组织笔记, drawings, and screenshots. OneNote is easily accessible on all mobile devices.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business是一个使用即时通讯的通讯平台, video conferencing, calling, and screen sharing to bring employees and remote partners together.


Teams是一个通信应用程序,它结合了聊天、会议、笔记和附件. 该ope体育app下载中文版使团队在项目和任务上的协作变得更容易.


Yammer是一个内部社交网络ope体育app下载中文版,允许员工快速共享文件和更新, as well as discuss projects, campaigns, and more.

Is Office 365
right for my business?

Most likely, you’re probably already using some version of Office. So, it’s not a matter of whether Office 365 is right, but rather which parts of Office 365 are right for your business.

You may also be wondering when to move to Office 365. 许多公司在需要更换Exchangeope体育app下载中文版器时进行切换. 微软在2015年1月停止了对Exchange Server 2010的主流支持, and extended support will end in January 2020. 迁移到Office 365将消除购买和维护硬件和软件的需要. Additionally, once you migrate, 你永远不需要升级到一个新的exchange版本——你总是在使用Office 365的最新版本.

Before choosing a path, 公司的高层应该与IT顾问会面,制定Office 365战略 designed to help you fully capitalize on your technology investment.

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“我的员工最不需要的就是在他们在办公室外使用移动设备时设置减速带. With Aldridge, 我知道我的员工将得到他们所需的移动设备支持,这样他们就可以安全可靠地随时连接到ope体育客户端官方下载的ope体育app下载中文版器.”

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